48 States of Being: A Travel Photography Book


On July 31st, 2017, I started a month-long drive that would take me on a meandering route across the 48 continental states. The journey ended on August 31st, 2017, after two oil changes, various thunderstorms, a few near accidents and driving 13,099 miles. This book is a collection of photos, poems, dreams, thoughts and snippets of what I experienced during the trip.”

48 States of Being is available for purchase on the iBooks store ($4.99). iBooks Link

A limited number of printed copies of 48 States of Being will be available in early 2018.




Although California is known for its idyllic beaches and fantastic surf spots, the mountain regions are equally breathtaking.


Western Washington

One of the most beautiful parts of the country; rugged, wild and majestic.


August 2017 Total Eclipse

The highlight of the 32-day trip was watching the total solar eclipse in Nashville.